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12/22/05 09:15:43 GMT

Name: Bill MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: Kronet

I think your site is very good and complete, but the information you have here.


09/07/05 18:48:48 GMT

Name: Jenny Boyd MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: Columbus, Ohio

Ms. Mayes- I adore your recordings! I was wondering if anyone that reads this could help me find sheet music from The Story Hour? Please e-mail me @ Thank you soooo much.


08/06/05 04:08:45 GMT

Name: Ken MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: dallas

nice webpage have a look at mine let me know what you think Pro Auto Locator


07/28/05 20:36:42 GMT

Name: Janice & Peter Drake MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: NYC

Sally, Hope this finds you all well. Peter has a solo show opening at a gallery in chelsea in Sept and I wanted to get your address along with the "senior " Reninos. I asked Tim B and he wasn't sure. Audrey is doing fine in FL and everyone misses NH. Thanks, Janice


06/11/05 06:06:29 GMT

Name: Kelly MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: Philadelphia

Sally - What can I say, I remember you from Patrick's in Dallas circa 1986 and later from John L's. I ran out one night and bought Aphrin for you to combat the smoke and your allergies. Well, here we are MANY years later, and I have to admit I have followed your career all these years because a.)you hold a special place in my heart and b.)your voice is amazing. I remember when my cassette tape of "Sally Mayes LIVE" died and I screamed "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Anyway, here I am in Philadelphia all these years later (lived here 9 years), ready to buy a former piano bar, and I can think of no one to reopen my new dinner cabaret/cocktail lounge but you. I'm not sure if you're still performing, but I so hope you will contact me to help me launch this new concept for "Boys and Girls Like You and Me." I've given your CD's to so many people over the years, and they've all said "She's fabulous!" I'm not a freaky fan, and this is a serious business propsition. I'm hoping to hear from you via e-mail. And if not - well, you need to know that your talent has touched me over the years - and I think that's the most anyone can ask for. - Kelly Carter


04/17/05 05:00:42 GMT

Name: Sunshine Peck MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: Illinois

Sally, I just purchased a copy of "The Story Hour" and I can't take it out of my cd player. I have fallen in love with the song's and your voice. I do a cabaret myself on friday nites and I am desperately trying to find sheet music for the cd. Where can I get copies? Are they available? I hope you can help me, not sure if this is an active site or not. If you or someone does get this please let me know where the sheet music is available. Thank you so much for your voice, Sunshine Peck


03/28/05 15:46:20 GMT

Name: Claire Greenway MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: London, England

Completely fell in love with The Story Hour when a friend introduced me to it, so imagine my feelings when i heard tat you were coming to talk to us in my first week on the musical theatre course at The Royal Academy of Music. You were charming and funny, and I loved the show at the Oxo Tower. Like many of the other "signees", I would love to get sheet music for Painting My Kitchen, He Aint Mr Right and Babysitter, I just haven't got the time to sit and transcribe them, and I would love them as audition pieces and for cabarets.Its so rare to find so many great comedy songs. where could i get them from? have fun in Urban Cowboy. love claire


03/15/05 22:53:45 GMT

Name: Lauren MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: Montana

Just heard "Closer than Ever" and was blown away by your duet with Lynne Wintersteller. Have you ever recorded any other duets with her? You sounded fantastic together. L


02/23/05 19:51:58 GMT

Name: Roger Wetzel MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: Dallas

Sally, just remembering the "Chicago" days in Dallas and thankful that I was able to work with you. Congrats on a great career!


02/16/05 04:20:26 GMT

Name: Rob Babbitt MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: Houston,Texas

Dear Sally -thinking of you and hope all is well. I have been listening to a singer from Norway-Sondre Lerche -who has two cds out Two Way Monologues and Faces Down. There are several songs on these cds that you would like. Check them out lovr Rob


02/12/05 15:17:25 GMT

Name: Ana´s MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: Germany

Dear Sally, I`m a musical student from Germany. I just finished my first year and I have three more years to go. A few days ago I brought your Cd "story hour".I`m really impressed and I love your voice. I`m wondering if theres any chance for me to get sheet music for your songs. I would really like to work some of them for my classes. Is there probably a song book available or something like that? I thank you in advanced and looking forward to your reply.Kind regarts, Ana´s


02/03/05 18:05:14 GMT

Name: Andrea MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: New York

Hi There! I've listened to your CD upwards of a hundred times - and I've been searching in vain to find a copy of He Ain't Mr. Right somewhere. That piece is worth it's weight in gold. Is it in print? Is there any way I can get a copy? Thanks!


01/13/05 20:03:45 GMT

Name: Carrie Pine MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: NYC/Connecticut

Hi Sally! Hope all is well with you. Still looking for sheet music to Dear Danny - is it published anywhere? I'm hoping to sing it at a benefit I'm performing in. I know how busy you are, but if you ever have a quick chance to email me and let me know where to find it, I'd really appreciate it. You're a continuous inspiration to me and I'm forever introducing new people to your music. As always, best of luck! Warmest regards, Carrie


01/06/05 10:21:34 GMT

Name: Ritchie Valens MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: USA

What a brilliant performance at Pete N' Keely , you really bought the house down.


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