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Bayview Records 2005
1. My Romance (Prelude)
2. Sugar/Is It Hot In Here?
3. I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)
4. In The Name Of Love
5. Here's That Rainy Day
6. No Love, No Nothin'
7. Angel Eyes
8. The Best Is Yet To Come/You Fascinate Me So
9. The More I See You
10. My Funny Valentine
11. My Romance
Bayview Records 2000

Produced by Peter Pinne

1. I Dream In Technicolor
2. In His Hands
3. Everything I Want Is In Manhattan
4. Think How Many People Never Find Love
5. Nice She Ain't (with Boyd Gaines)/You're Awful
6. Love Songs (Contradictions)
7. Your Eyes Are Blue/All Things Bright And Beautiful
(with Brent Barrett)
8. I'm Lost
9. Buds Won't Bud
10. Today I'm Gonna Think About Me
11. I Never Know When to Say When
12. If I Can't Take It With Me
13. Now I Really Know
14. Just One Day
15. Boys And Girls Like You And Me
Fynsworth Alley 1999

Produced by Bruce Kimmel

1. Once Upon a Time
2. Crooked Smile
3. I'll Get Up Tomorrow Morning
4. The Babysitter's Here
5. Hamlet
6. Southbound Train
7. Shopping Cart of Love
8. Dear Danny
9. Painting My Kitchen
10. Superstar/Anyone Who Had A Heart
11. He Ain't Mr. Right
12. Sweet Dreams
13. Meeting Across the River
14. Heaven Can Wait
Fynsworth Alley 1994

Produced by Bruce Kimmel

1. Together/Fireworks
2. Being Good
3. Little Bit in Love
4. The Savage Man Medley: Call Me Savage/
Prehistoric Man/ Chief of Love
5. The Story of My Life
6. When The Weather's Better
7. I Can Cook Too
8. If
9. The Party's Over
10. Learn to Be Lonely/My Own Morning
11. Thanks A Lot But No Thanks
12. I Wanted to Change Him
13. Talking to Myself/Lonely Town
14. Some Other Time
15. Our Private World
DRG records - 1992

Produced by Hugh Fordin

1. Diga Diga Doo/ Doin' the New Low Down
2. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
3. The Way You Look Tonight
4. Alone Too Long
5. He's Good For Me
6. Pick Yourself Up
7. April Fooled Me/April Snow
8. There's Gotta Be Something Better Than This/
Where Am I Going
9. Don't Blame Me
10. I Won't Dance/ Never Gonna Dance
11. Pink Taffeta Sample Size 10
12. I Dream Too Much
13. Make The Man Love Me
14. Close as Pages in a Book
1987 - out of print
(only a few left in Sally's personal collection)

Produced by Kevin Martin
Recorded Live at "John L's" in Dallas, Texas

1. Wherever He Ain't
2. Dynasty
3. A Portrait
4. Mr. Paganini
5. When Sunny Gets Blue
6. I Fall to Pieces, Stand By Your Man, Crazy
7. Reuben
8. For Free
9. Old Friend
10. Daddy
11. No Strings

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"The kind of rich theatrical voice that elevates a show tune." --People Magazine

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